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Moln är en musikaliskt präglad cirkusföreställning med utgångspunkt i Karin Boyes liv och dikt. Ramberättelsen kretsar kring en samling individer som är utlämnade åt varandra i ett slags vakuum mellan barndom och tonår. Det är dystopiskt men livsbejakande och rör sig mellan det vardagliga och det storslagna.


A circus excursion to an unknown landscape where objects have memories and can be tamed. Two jugglers meet in the borderland between dream and reality. Objects come to life and time goes faster than usual. With feet throwing and catching, magical chain reactions are triggered. In a flow of rhythmic skillfulness and acrobatic experiments, the surroundings are transformed into an amusing game.


When Antti is bored he goes to Jonny The Scrap Collector and Leif Nordin - the best neighbors in the world. They claim that just like Christmas Eve and Midsum- mer’s Eve, there is also a Boredom Eve. It’s simply the dullest day of the year and it’s just today. There are many fine traditions such as cleaning, wardrobe fishing and bathtub diving. But even though they strive to be really bored, they fail - they have simply too much fun.


Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still. As this moment is quite fragile, it requires concentration but also a little bit of luck. With elegant movements they create installations where the different kind of elements have to interact, keeping the picture from falling apart.