The performance is grounded in magical thinking - the notion that everything lost on Earth has found its way to the moon. Four circus artists and an array of forgotten everyday objects awaken in an atmospheric landscape where even objects carry memories, dreams, and phantom pains.

In Giraffens ABC, the youngest audience is welcomed into an amazing alphabet studio, where two circus artists have been given the daunting task of getting through the 29 letters of the alphabet in just 35 minutes.

A composition for two circus artists and a hundred objects.
The performance is a play with chain reactions and how our own, allegedly simple actions are interconnected and affect each other. The circus edition of the Goldberg variations is a subtly clever, magical and visually dense tale without words. The sounds are created on stage with self-built, automated musical instruments.

Moln is a circus performance imbued with music and inspired by the life and work of legendary Swedish poet Karin Boye. Its framework is the tale of a collection of individuals living at each other’s mercy in a sort of vacuum between childhood and adolescence. Dystopian, yet life-affirming, it moves between the ordinary and the grand.

Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still. As this moment is quite fragile, it requires concentration but also a little bit of luck.