Goldberg variations

A composition for two circus artists and a hundred objects. 

The Goldberg variations by Kompani Giraff refers to both the symmetrical piece of music by Johann Sebastian Bach and to the cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who is known for his drawings of incredibly complex, chaotic machines made out of everyday objects. With great charm and precision, the two circus artists Filip Zahradnicky and Clémence de Felice bring their audience on a journey into an unknown landscape where acrobatics, juggling, balancing acts, inventions and experiments are brought into motion.  


The performance is a play with chain reactions and how our own, allegedly simple actions are interconnected and affect each other. The circus edition of the Goldberg variations is a subtly clever, magical and visually dense tale without words. The sounds are created on stage with self-built, automated musical instruments.

Artists: Clémence de Felice och Filip Zahradnický
Directed by: Axel Adlercreutz
Sound design & composition: Jonatan Eklund
Set & costume design: Sus Soddu
Lighting design: Sofie Gynning
Circus dramaturgy: Viktoria Dalborg
Makeup design: Sophie Rockwell
Collaborator set design Isak Elwin
Production manager: Mette Klouman
Technical producer: Stefan “Drake” Karlström
Head technician: Markus Hjälsten

from 6 years

45 min

Press Photos
Goldberg variations
Photo: Sören Vilks
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Goldberg variations
Illustration: Beata Boucht
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