2% Impact

In a world full of cardboard, two circus artists discovers that not everything need to be as intended. This starts an absurd turn of events, full of dreams and fantasies, which challenge the statement that we only think 2% new thoughts per day. A statement showing how influential our subconscious is and how difficult it is to break a habit. Thinking habits are broken and erratic impulses arise through handstands, object manipulation and innovative juggling.

I samarbete med Umeå Teaterförening.
Med stöd från Stockholms Stad.

Av och med: Isak Arvidsson, Petter Wadsten
Directed by: Viktoria Dalborg
Music: Johannes Bjerlin, Henric Karlsson
Lighting design: Casper Wijlhuizen
Set & costume design: Ellen Utterström
Magic consultant: Axel Adlercreutz

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/giraff/impact
Video: Samuel Olsson

Press photos
Photo: Andreas Nilsson