A Study of Losses

A Study of Losses is the upcoming touring production by Kompani Giraff, set to premiere at Jatka78 in Prague on September 10th, 2024. The performance is a free interpretation of the German author Judith Schalansky's novel "Verzeichnis einiger Verluste" which, with magical realism, depicts life and history as a series of losses and disappearances. Realms crumble, buildings turn to ruins, cultural artifacts are destroyed, animals face extinction. Most losses remain unknown, precisely because they are lost. We gaze upon what we believe to be history, yet it is essentially a series of temporary preservations in a vast sea of losses. Through circus, contemporary magic, and object manipulation, there is a playful and choreographic exploration of the allure of what has been lost. The performance is grounded in magical thinking - the notion that everything lost on Earth has found its way to the moon. Four circus artists and an array of forgotten everyday objects awaken in an atmospheric landscape where even objects carry memories, dreams, and phantom pains.

The music, specially composed in close collaboration between Kompani Giraff and the American artist Beirut, plays a central role in the storytelling. The poetic lyrics support the dizzying existential experiences present in the theme of the performance. We are confronted with the burning question: What have I lost, and what am I afraid to lose?

Based on Judith Schalansky’s novel Verzeichnis einiger Verluste - An Inventory of Losses

Directed by: Viktoria Dalborg Music: Zach Condon/Beirut Text adaptation: Stina Oscarson Set design and costume: Sus Soddu Lighting design: Sofie Gynning Contemporary magic consultant: Axel Adlercreutz Object consultant: Rene Baker Illustration: Sarah Jarrett Technical production manager: Stefan Karlström Producer: Mette Klouman

Benjamin Beaujard
Elaine Briant
Elsa Lardier
Siméon Gratini

With support from:
Riksteatern, Dansens Hus – Elverket and Jatka78

Duration of the performance: approx. 75 minutes without intermission.
Target group: High school, family audience
Stage size: 12 x 10 x 7 m
Performance space: 8 x 8 m

A Study of Losses
Illustration: Sarah Jarret
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